The Benefits of Sunrise Photos

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Sunrise photography sessions are magical. Take it from a LATE riser.

Newly engaged? Looking for adventure? Family loves hiking and wants to preserve some memories together? This post shares why sunrise photography sessions are highly beneficial, beautiful, and might just be a highlight for you to remember.

As much as I love the dreamy sunset sessions that seem to be most popular in the photo world, I have to say sunrise adventures with couples and families have my heart. I hope you consider using this special morning time with glorious light for your session…I think you will REALLY thank yourself in the end.

Read on to hear why you might want to have your engagement, adventure, and couples session with the sunrise to keep you company.

The Benefits of Sunrise Adventure Sessions

Why Sunrise Adventure Sessions are WORTH IT!

  1. Experience unique light, flattering light

    In a matter of minutes, you and your favorite human get these deep indigo hues, some soft pinks as the sun creeps up, and finally, that cherished orange glow upon sunrise! Flattering, varying in style, and creating a glorious backdrop. It sounds simple, but light is so powerful and really makes a difference in the quality of these images you’ll forever cherish.

  2. PRIVACY in EPIC places

    Whether your favorite spot is a park you run around with your dog, or a mountain peak in the White Mountains, sunrise sessions give you seclusion and privacy in otherwise POPULAR and often crowded locations. This is a no brainer…EVERY couple has always been so grateful they made the decision to get up early to savor their favorite spots for sunrise!

  3. You can take your time

    Without the stronger, harsher light that often comes with sunset, sunrise sessions give you and your person time to relax, change outfits, and settle into the morning. No stress, no rush, no worries.

  4. You can make a day of it

    after watching the sun rise together, the day is YOURS. You can take a hike together, hit up a local coffee shop you’ve never been to, and take in nature. Sunrise sessions really gift people the magic of time.

  5. A special memory together

    Sunrise adventures become memories, perhaps even traditions, down the line. You’ll look back on this experience years from now and remember the intimate, stunning, and nature-filled morning you two shared together. Having images that capture these moments suddenly become that much more dear to you.

The different types of sunrise light: see for yourself.

Every sunrise has different lighting patterns, hues, and situations. This is the unpredictable glory of Mother Nature! However, the way the light builds over a period of time is somewhat predictable. These variations in light during your sunrise add such variety to your special photographs.

Here is a sample timeline of what sunrise light might look like:

  • ~30 minutes before sunrise: BLUE, indigo, deep colors throughout the sky. This creates stunning silhouettes on subjects as well as the scenery (like mountains). Breathtaking in every way
  • ~15 minutes before sunrise: the sky invites some new colors: soft pinks, pastel wisps in the sky, and the deep dark blues slowly fade.
  • ~5-10 minutes before sunrise: the color spectrums enhance in saturation, and the sun is on its way to light up the whole sky
  • ALAS! sunrise: this is where you see those dreamy “halos” of light around subjects’ heads, and where the flattering POP in the background of subjects emerges! Think of this as how the sky might look right at sunset, except a bit cooler and gentler in vibrancy. This slightly softer light is because the particles in the air are much purer, less polluted, first thing in the morning, so the light is slightly less heavy and bold! Yay SCIENCE.

This sunrise adventure session gave such a magical array of lighting, and these two soaked up every ounce…completely in private!

ABOVE: ~15 minutes before sunrise. The deep indigo in the sky was just leaving and welcoming in the soft pinks you see here over the mountains.
ABOVE: ~5-10 minutes before sunrise. The soft pink slowly turns to a deeper, richer hue, and orange is on the way!
ABOVE: SUNRISE. that “halo” of light around the couple is something everyone LOVES in portraits. This halo arrives just as the sun rises.
ABOVE: just after sunrise! Enter full orange glow 🙂

SO- if you’re NOT a morning person (like me):

I GET IT. I too felt the initial hesitation of considering getting up at 3, 4, 5 AM. Believe me, though, sunrises with your love are truly memories that last a lifetime, and you will THANK yourself later.

Why not make a cherished experience together for your adventure/engagement session? I’ll be the happiest third wheel around, and I’ll be ready to guide you to a happy, smooth morning.

Are you ready for a sunrise adventure? Let’s do this.

Click here to book a special memory for you and your loved one(s), and I’ll see you there.

Happy adventuring.

Love, me & my sidekick husky Babel

Kayla | Babel Photos | website | instagram

This is Babel 🙂 my husky, bestie, and inspiration behind my company Babel Photos. She often joins me, especially on sunrise adventures!

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