You deserve your marriage experience to be true to who YOU are. Elopements are a way of returning to nature, adventure, and the core of what matters most to you.
I'm here to shine light on your love story: in all its' raw and real glory.

your dream day... with no rules. 

Elopements Today MEAN:

Elopement   photography is:

where your love is documented in a way that's true to you.


precious   gift. 


where you
feel most


new england welcomes you 

to honor your love story in a way that feels exactly you. Elopements are authentic celebrations where, at the heart, is your heart. I help draw you to the core of yourselves and co-envision your adventure celebration:
  • where you want
  • how you want
  • with whom you want
New England is a region where your dreams can become reality with:
  • diverse terrain
  • adventure options galore
  • nature that is so beloved 



I specialize in:
  • guiding with care 
  • and regional expertise,
New Hampshire
Elopement +
Intimate Wedding
for couples
who value 

quality  time
in the outdoors


I help match couples to their dream New England locations through years of scouting, hiking, and photographing

Partnering with couples means I pour my heart into being a thoughtful regional guide. I care about matching couple's marriage celebration dreams with stress-free, individual experiences. 

Happy to have you dreaming a love celebration of adventure + authenticity :)

New-Hampshire living & exploring Adventure Elopement Photographer for those who crave intimate, quality time in the outdoors.

Each part of your elopement+intimate wedding planning process is met with compassion, relaxed communication, and our mutual thorough love of this land. 


a background in counseling, i show care in my craft through compassionate guidance + communciation


being in the outdoors is WHAT I LOVE + prioritize; i help others celebrate the present in nature through intentional planning


i help each part of the planning process feel like a calm, collaborative breath of fresh air through kind, organized, + fun partnership (i promise)




Like many people who elope, we were on a crunch for time. Our officiant gave us Kayla’s information and within a day Kayla answered. She was so genuinely excited for us and filled our heads with so many great ideas and details that we didn’t even think of. Organizing the details so it all goes smoothly is not our cup of tea. She helped plan our entire day. 

"She is SO much more than a photographer."

kind words from couples

Proximity to: northeastern city hubs (ease in travel), beautiful + unique accommodations for yourselves and family, all with less tourism + dense populations than the rest of the nation's most popular Nature sights

Easy legal logistics, rapid local parks and recreation communication access, and ease in planning (yay smaller regions!)

Adventurous activities galore with an emphasis on outdoor magic: mountains, beaches, lakes, waterfalls, rives, forests, farms, you name it

Getting married in New England means:

How to Elope in New Hampshire

Easy-to-follow steps on your New Hampshire Elopement journey as well as a sample timeline to help guide you. Just a TINY part of my Client Elopement Guide!

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