More than most vendors, your photographer is there for nearly each moment of your elopement. Finding the right match and knowing you're in good hands, especially for hiking/adventure elopements, is so important.

You will read that I become part of the family in a very real's the honor of my life!

Package Info

You  get  a  teammate ...

I have crafted a client experience that is step-by-step, ORGANIZED, and authentic to YOUR personal elopement vision. This partnership results in a relaxed, joyful, CALM experience from booking, to planning, to eloping, to reminisicng.

A  Calm  Elopement  Experience

If you close your eyes and envision a day that feels most:
  • joyful
  • freeing
  • authentic
  • stress-free
where would you be? with whom? doing what? Yeah, your day can be EXACTLY these dreams. 

SO- How to Decide if Eloping is Right For You?

what would a dream day for you would be like?

For me, these terms can be defined as:
  • elopement: up to 20 guests where the emphasis of your day is one quality time, adventure, and activities that elevate your outdoor experience

  • intimate weddings: up to 80 guests where the above is true yet you take the celebration to maybe a more traditional sense of meals, dancing, and some party vibes

  • both: be this a 2-day celebration where both are incorporated, or you split your day into two parts, you can really have it all

How to decide if you should elope, have an intimate wedding, or both...

Between social media, blogs, and input from loved ones, there can be LOTS of overwhelming information that can make "the decision to elope" chaotic. But really, my advice is simple: do what feels most true to your hearts. Not sure? I'm here to help guide through it all:)

I get it, and i'm here to guide + empower you...

You're not huge fans of the spotlight or get overwhelmed by the thought of a jam-packed day with crowds + traditions

You'd rather invest in experiences that are reflective of you as a couple (hobbies, values, passions)

you crave quality time and freedom to be yourselves, be alone, and adventure

Eloping may be for you if:

From epic hiking adventures to low key, relaxed beachfront romance, your New Hampshire marriage celebration TRULY has no limits here.

You get all the outdoor variety you want with complete ease in travel; close to Boston, hiking trails near family-friendly lodging, all of it.

So, why Elope in New Hampshire?

Regional variety...

No, we are not the Pacific Northwest or the California beachfront glamor; but that's what makes New Hampshire a dream elopement destination. Not to mention, more cost effective options to maximize your nature-centered marriage celebration experience. 

Feel like exploring more of New England during your elopement or wedding? Again, the beauty of proximity! There are so many travel-light options to maximize your adventure and minimize your planning details.

less travel, less people, more natural beauty + preservation 

I am passionate about helping couples celebrate this state I'm blessed to call home. 

I help match couples to their dream New England locations through years of scouting, hiking, and photographing

With you for the ENTIRE planning, scheduling, day-of experience, in ways that traditional wedding photographers often aren't. Think of having a partner co-envision YOUR dream day: from location, to vendor ideas, to building a day that is true to your core: that's what we're here for.

Here to serve outdoor adventurers through an intentional, compassionate. elopement experience. 

When I'm not photographing elopements and intimate weddings, I am outside with my Husky wolf pack :) I live and breathe basking in the present moment with nature as my companion.


a background in counseling, i show care in my craft through compassionate guidance + communciation


being in the outdoors is WHAT I LOVE + prioritize; i help others celebrate the present in nature through intentional planning


i help each part of the planning process feel like a calm, collaborative breath of fresh air through kind, organized, + fun partnership (i promise)


I'm Kayla- NH + New England
       Adventure Elopement Photographer Pal

Your Elopement Photographer is:

Together, the core of your experience is centered around:

  • customized location recommendations based on your feedback in our early planning process
  • VENDOR brainstorming + Recs
  •  activity discovery and guidance
  • care and compassion with family planning and integration
  • crafting a timeline that maximizes  your key priorities 
  • packing, hiking, and logistics communication
  • emphasis on quality, intimate time and down-to-earth care when co-designing each part of your day with you

Designing Your Customized Experience

If your heart is drawn to the outdoor magic of New England, and you feel like intentionally crafting a celebratory experience that's authentic to you, my goal is to maximize your experience at each level...not downgrade.

  • scenic privacy optimization, 
  • to seasonal highlights that are ideal for your goals
  • to ideas in balancing alone time with family
  • to portraiture that highlights who you two are at that very moment,

Elopements are NOT compromises on quality experience- they are an  

INTIMATE WEDDINGS (up to 80 guests)


ELOPEMENTS (up to 20 guests)
begin at $4000

From there: we customize your experience and honor your values, priorities, and story. Your elopement experience will always be treated for what it is: uniquely yours.

co-craft your New England elopement




...through relaxed, streamlined, organized checkpoints in one planning platform.


we will partner in:

More than most traditional wedding photography experiences, elopement photographers are really with you for each step of your elopement planning journey: truly. This partnership means that no elopement day is treated the same way, because you are at the core of how I use my knowledge to best serve YOUR goals + hearts.

Whether you know EXACTLY where in New England you want to elope, or you have no idea, we connect on every stage in the envisioning + planning process. 

elopement packages made with you in mind

it takes guts to say,
 "we want our story celebrated our way."

Your Elopement Packages Honor This Courage... 


  • we have a planning-platform. everything lives in one spot for YOU
  • i'm a text, email, call away
  • a check-up system where we touch base, iron out details, and leave you READY to be present on your special day and leave the rest to ME:)
  • vibing with your photographer is KEY because they are really with you each step of the way
  • i prioritize compassionate care through every step in your individual journey
  • as an introvert myself, prioritizing your comfort is embedded in each part of my approach
  • my elopement guide (basically the happiest book ever)
  • location guides
  • wardrobe tips
  • planning and hiking tips/logistics/all typed up
  • New Hampshire and New England expertise

As your New Hampshire Elopement Photographer, you get:

  • an average of ~70 images/hr
  • music slideshows are client FAVORITES: they illustrate each moment of your day beautifully 
  • print and download release for every image; share with loved ones, download, and enjoy

All elopement packages include:

a full, high-res gallery and music slideshow
  • 24-hour sneak peek of images sent to you

  • 5 weeks later: gallery delivery

  • 5 weeks later: music slideshow delivery 
  • YUP- I hand design, create, and ship these straight to your door
  • 20+ page fine art, vegan materials (yes, some printed products are not vegan- who knew?!)
  • these stunning albums are yours for a lifetime. You'll be SO happy to relive your moments once your delivery arrives- SO worth the investment

(P.S.- I'm Ordained!)

Printed Fine art ALBUM EXAMPLE
elopement Packages are made with you in mind
it takes guts to say,
 "we want our story celebrated our way."
Your Elopement Packages Honor This Courage 

BEGIN AT $4000

From there: we customize your experience and honor your values, priorities, and story. Your elopement experience will always be treated for what it is: uniquely yours.

Like many people who elope, we were on a crunch for time. Our officiant gave us Kayla’s information and within a day Kayla answered. She was so genuinely excited for us and filled our heads with so many great ideas and details that we didn’t even think of (like having a picnic and bringing snacks between locations). Organizing the details so it all goes smoothly is not our cup of tea. She helped plan our entire day. She offered her recommendations for flowers, hair/makeup, bakeries (she was even going to pick up our cupcakes to take that burden away from us- an outstanding gesture). She reached out to the people at Echo Lake for us as well and gave us all the contact information, broke down the fees, and even followed up with them. Kayla was there to answer questions 24/7, extremely professional, but also very fun and sweet to work with (and we have the photos to prove it)!

Kayla worked alone on our elopement day and she captured every beautiful moment from all different angles. We’re obsessing over her outstanding artistic ability while still giving us those wedding vibes. In our final album she gave us multiple prints in black and white, as well as a handcrafted slide show. We received a sneak peak album in 24 hours, which was amazing to share while it was all so fresh! We haven’t asked her to adjust any photos (because why would we need to) but I’m sure she’d be willing to.

We could go on forever about the amazing photographer and person she is.
When you look back at the MANY photos she took, you’ll be glad you hired her because she captured all those moments that make us smile & will certainly reminisce in the years to come.

She is SO much more than a photographer."

Kayla is an absolute dream. Her energy and talent is immeasurable. The entire process from booking to receiving your gallery (and epic SLIDESHOW!) is so fun and easy. Not only did she perfectly capture our wedding celebration, she was able to capture the feeling of absolute joy and happiness we all felt that day. She is pure magic. Kayla brings a warmth and positivity to your day that is so rare to find. The end result is even more stunning if you can believe it. She gave us SO MANY photos and we love every single one!!! They couldn't be better. She is so talented. We will cherish these memories forever. 11/10 HIGHLY beyond recommend this lovely and amazing photographer!

"Where do I begin?"

 We could not have made a better decision for our elopement than to have her there to capture the day! She is an absolute joy to work with - she is kind, thoughtful, patient, and creative. With both our engagement and elopement pictures, she helped us feel completely comfortable and even helped us enjoy the picture taking process! I will recommend Kayla at every opportunity I get & I cannot wait to continue to work with her for future milestones! Thank you for everything, Kayla!

Kayla is a true photography genius.

No way. Authentic elopements are about you. If your vision is a beach, your backyard, a public library, downtown Boston, or camping for a weekend, it is ALL welcome here.

Do we have to "hike" to have an adventure elopement?

Amazing! We brainstorm together. You fill out a VERY helpful questionnaire that sorts out your potential vision, and I start my researching. I send you multiple ideas with specific notes and we take it from there:) 

Another reason why I specialize in New England elopements are because I have extensive location familiarity with all my hiking I've done. We will find the perfect spot.

What if we don't know where we want to elope?

The great thing about being in this beginning phase is that there are TRULY no rules. Your day doesn't need to fit into a box. 

With that, I am here to guide you in aligning your priorities with logistically simple next steps to figure out "what" you want, where, with whom, and how :) 

How can we decide if we want to elope, have an intimate wedding, or something else?

  • Over the years, I've found (for MY personal style and experience), that 4 hours is the minimum time where I feel clients can STILL experience it all:
  1. ALL  their priorities
  2. not being rushed
  3. quality photography and overall experience
  • The whole reason I dedicate myself to elopements is to bring PEACE and quality to couples and families. Elopements are meant to enhance one's marriage experience by allowing you to be fully present, taking in EACH aspect of your day and every person with you, and not compromise on quality time or experiences.
  • My elopement packages range from 4-12 hours, and can extend into 2 day adventure elopements!
  • We make your experience unique 

Questions on this? That's what our call is for :) customizing a day that fits your vision is why I'm here.

How many hours are elopements?

Common Qs

Do you offer payment plans?

SUPER simple:
  1. an email to me saying you're ready to book
  2. a date you've decided on: that's literally it!
From there, 
  1. I create our digital planning plaform; think: all planning documents in one place for you
  2. a 30% security date deposit; don't know how many hours you're doing yet? No worries! We'd start with the 4 hour package and you can always add on hours
  3. a digital contract
  4. you are then part of the Babel Photos Fam :)

We are IN- what is needed to book you?!

YES. Couples shouldn't have to compromise quality for their dream elopement. I work with couples individually to find a payment plan/schedule that eases their minds. I firmly believe in this. I encourage couples to communicate individual needs. If we are the right fit, I will do whatever you need to ensure we partner together. ALL of my packages are ALL inclusive for this reason, as well: transparency. 

Elopements are NOT less work or a cheapened version of a marriage celebration...they are actually the opposite :) if you've read this far, you see how we become close teammates at EACH stage in your planning process, much different than a conventional wedding where many decisions are locked in for you (venue, menu, timeline, etc). When starting from scratch together, a quality experience for you is my top priority. Intimate weddings follow your lead with what YOU want and incorporate my years of expertise in guiding you to a day that fits your vision the most. Hence, the quality in each marriage experience has the same level of partnership with me : ) Different ways to celebrate, same care.

Why are elopements and intimate weddings priced the same?

Talking for hours and dozing off with the tv on. The record skips a few times and we pick a new song to fall asleep to. Morning coffee, a few minutes late to work, a brisk walk down the street window shopping for the upcoming fall season. Wool sweaters, bare trees, cold nights. 

Question 8

So cold we can see our breath as we hike the open fields in the fog. Climbing and chasing waterfalls while the sun sets behind the mountain and the snow falls in the river. Chatting with locals while we sip our coffee and head out for the next adventure.

Question 7

Morning coffee and reading the newspaper together, the cool fall breeze blowing through the window as you pour another cup. Black denim and leather boots, the deepest crimson flannel. Rose gold and velvet. Rich and lush. Red wine and dark twilight nights.

Question 6

Cozy sweaters, vintage demin, and Pabst while telling one of a kind love stories. The trials and tribulations of love, joy, and happiness. Lastly, champagne brunch and avocado toast while surrounded by the finest exposed brick, dreamcatchers, and maps to our souls.

Question 5


The day after you marry, you get a preview of images to cheer for with your loved ones. A few weeks later, you get your gallery emailed to you and your album shipped to your door.

Gallery & Album

We get you booked, we plan your dream day together through timelines/guides/check-ins, and you enter your day being fully present. 

We Book. we elope.

We "meet" over zoom! Your photographer should vibe with you and this step is SO important. I answer any and all questions and help with some brainstorming :)

introduce ourselves

Ready to Dive In? Here's How It Works

step one

step two

step three

How to Elope in New Hampshire

Easy-to-follow steps on your New Hampshire Elopement journey as well as a sample timeline to help guide you. Just a TINY part of my Client Elopement Guide!

click for guide

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