Unique Boat Elopement in Boston, Massachusetts

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This post is all about:

  1. A unique way to elope in Boston
  2. How to plan a unique boat elopement in Boston, Massachusetts
  3. The couple and how they chose this adventurous, spontaneous elopement

Planning this Unique Boat Elopement

If you’re thinking of a unique way to elope in Boston, take a page out of this couple’s book. The (hilarious) bride woke up on a weekday morning, dreamt that she and her fianceé eloped on a private boat in Boston Harbor, and 48 hours later… that’s exactly what happened. I am freaking HONORED our paths crossed and I am humbled by their fun, spontaneous, best–friend and adventure-pal love they share 🙂 

So, planning this elopement. 48 hours before eloping, the couple reached out asking if I was available for this last-minute dream of theirs. THANK YOU, Universe, for making this happened. Once we did our initial zoom inquiry, it was freaking go time!

The bride reached out to Classic Sail Boston (highly recommend) for a private sunset tour along the Boston Harbor where the two would share their vows. Again, as the Universe would have it, they were booked in no time and we met at the dock for a romantic, intimate, summer elopement evening. A dream. 

Two Boston locals, these two walked to the boat with a picnic basket, fresh flowers, silly red heart glasses, and giant cookies from Insomnia Cookies (also highly recommend). Then, we took off into the foggy, mysterious, quiet waters of the Harbor with a private guide. Again, a dream.

If you’re looking to elope in Boston:

A private boat elopement experience in Boston gives you a special look into the nature side of Boston, one that is ever present but a bit less popular when you think of “Boston Wedding Celebrations.” A boat experience gives you the perfect balance of immersing yourself in the city you love and (maybe) are from, while feeling like you are escaping on a grand adventure with no one but the company of one another. The beauty of this harbor is one I continuously remind myself of each time I return here: unique history, character, gorgeous waterfront views, fine dining galore, and a mix of nature and urban energy.

ALL my love, you two 🙂 What a joy your elopement was.

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