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Read about how to elope in New Hampshire AND learn:

  1. Helpful New Hampshire elopement planning tips
  2. A sample timeline
  3. Gallery example of a White Mountains New Hampshire elopement for inspiration 🙂 

Before learning about “how to elope in New Hampshire,” it’s important we are aligned with the word elopement and what it means in “2023.” SO……

What does an elopement mean in 2023?

EVERY person is entitled to their own definition. For ME, elopements today are: authentically celebrating one’s marriage. Elopements are  freedom  from traditional wedding experiences, and they center on the priorities of the couple. Be it hiking, a city experience, or a weekend in the mountains, elopements are for the PEOPLE and not about tying a couple to an experience that is not true to them. Sure, they can be adventure elopements in the White Mountains, OR not 🙂


To learn more about my definition of elopement, head to my blog post where I break it down more here.

PLEASE KNOW: I love EVERY love story, and full sized traditional weddings are AMAZING for those who feel drawn to them! This is in no way a “bash” on full size weddings, but more so information for those who may be curious about eloping. To learn more, head to my site for why I chose to become a New Hampshire and New England Adventure Photographer. 

Can you invite guests to an elopement?

100% you can invite guests to your elopement. For my personal photography style and planning approach, my packages include up to 20 people for elopements. Essentially, I’ve found this is the sweet spot in guest-count to have you, the couple, experience EVERYTHING you want, celebrate with loved ones, and still feel relaxed throughout the day to focus on each other. 


SO, you decided to elope in New Hampshire. What are the steps?

Simply, the answer to what might feel like a daunting question of “how to elope in New Hampshire” is SO easy! Here is a quick step-by-step process of how to elope in New Hampshire. Additionally, it is important to find an elopement photographer with the information you need to make your vision a safe, positive, experience. Because of all that goes into elopement planning, my clients receive a beautiful, detailed, easy-to-follow elopement guide.

Are you looking to elope? Want more info on how to elope in New Hampshire? Let’s connect. I walk you through every step in a personalized, calming, authentic way. All my info becomes your info and I’m here to serve you. CONTACT ME HERE. 

How to Elope In New Hampshire: Step-by-Step Guide

  • First: book your date, decide your guest list, pick your top priority vendors (i.e., photographer, planner, florist, your favorite bakery, etc.) – make sure all the people who feel best suit your vision are free for your day and book them 🙂 
  • Second: decide on a location most authentic to you– what do you enjoy MOST?
      1. If you love hiking and that is central to you, then maybe you start there with plans
      2. If you HATE hiking, then you know you want your day to be surrounded by: woods? Lake? City? Backyard? Ocean? Waterfall? The options are endless in New Hampshire. Feel out what feels most “you” and exciting.
  • Third: throw out traditions and ideas that don’t serve you– give yourself permission to make this day about YOUR love and story, and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you made a beautiful choice in eloping

Next: Legal Logistics

  • Then, get that paper– head to your local Town Clerk and grab that marriage license 🙂 Every Town Clerk’s a) hours and b) wait time are different. The process takes about 30 minutes. Once you get your license, it is valid for 90 days 🙂 Then it’s time to get married!
  • Bring proof of identity– every Town Clerk requirements may slightly vary, so literally type in your town of New Hampshire into google, and the town clerk office will list everything you need. For example, Manchester NH requirements are detailed here.
  • Pick your officiant – whether a Justice of Peace, a loved one, or your elopement photographer (like me! I’m ordained. For those who want that privacy, I’ve got you!), make sure they are ordained in the state of New Hampshire specifically. There are MULTIPLE ways of doing this. I became ordained online and received my credentials and elopement officiating materials in the mail after certification 🙂 

What do you want your day to include?

  • Finally: do what you want. Literally. Elopements are liberation from tradition and an embrace of who you are as people. Start with what YOU desire, pick your top priorities of your day (maybe it’s a gourmet  chef experience, maybe it’s an epic hiking adventure, maybe it’s a dog-friendly relaxing day as a family) and the rest will beautifully fall into place.


For more planning tips on how to elope in New Hampshire (and other places), head to my blog where there are TONS of resources, inspiration, and galleries. If you are interested in booking, know that my clients get ALL this:

    1. An engagement session / adventure session credit: good for one calendar year! If you already have engagement photos, this credit is perfect for something like an anniversary session with your pup (please!!!)
    2. A full elopement guide that walks you through everythingggg
    3. Location, wardrobe, packing, hiking guides 
    4. Planning walk-throughs with me and as much communication needed! I’m a text/call/zoom away, and I’ve got you covered. 
    5. A customized timeline to ensure your day is beautifully organized so that you can just enjoy your day 
    6. A 24-hour sneak peek of images
    7. A  5-week delivery date of images. 
    8. A 5-week delivery date of a client favorite: my music slideshows! Click for a slideshow example. 
    9. Lastly, a professional, vegan, 20 page, fine art printed album. They are stunning are designed by me with you in mind. They are shipped straight to your door.

A Sample New Hampshire Elopement Timeline

Important: New Hampshire Elopements are each unique and you will be SO happy you decided to embrace the nature of our state and celebrate your authentic love. This timeline is just a condensed idea of what your day could look like 🙂 


Lastly; inspiration from a White Mountain New Hampshire Adventure Elopement

Fun fact: this elopement was published in Wandering Weddings! This is a great planning resource website. To read to publication, click here 🙂 












Happy adventuring:) 

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