Diana’s Baths Elopement, White Mountains New Hampshire

Spring Elopement in New Hampshire | White Mountains, NH Adventure Elopement | North Conway, NH Elopement Photographer

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  1. Learn how to elope at Diana’s Baths 
  2. Learn about other nearby locations to include in your elopement day
  3. Get inspiration from this couple’s gallery
  4. Simple tips on spring elopements 

How to Elope at Diana’s Baths

Wonderful news: if you’re looking for an incredibly scenic, easy to access, waterfall/rapids elopement location in the North Conway area, then Diana’s Baths couldn’t be easier. Eloping at Diana’s Baths is easy, central to many additional locations to include in your day, and has breathtaking views of rapids and lush forestry, 

This beautifully brave couple wanted a private, rapidly flowing waterfall elopement at Diana’s Baths, and boy they got it. J and D were game for embracing spring in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Embracing this season means being happily prepared for a combination of any of the following:

  • Sun, clouds, and rain, perhaps all in the same day!
  • Mud 
  • Snow
  • Ice
  • Strong rapids (as the snow melts)
  • Larger fluctuation in temperature 
  • Unpredictability 🙂 

Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year to elope because this unpredictability is part of the diverse beauty of a four season region!


Simple Tips for Eloping at Diana’s Baths:

  1. Register for your marriage license at the local town clerk’s office. For more information on how to elope in New Hampshire, click here. 
  2. Pack for ANY and everything 🙂 (packing list below) 
  3. Get there for sunrise or as early as possible. Diana’s Baths is majorly popular, and for good reason. Getting there around sunrise (like this couple) will greatly increase chances of full privacy (J and D had the ENTIRETY of Diana’s Baths to themselves!)
  4. Pick a weekday AND offseason if you can. For example, this gallery below is in April.. Just before the late Spring and Summer rush of tourists. Spring Perfect time to have an adventure elopement in the White Mountains and is ALWAYS worth the weather unpredictability…I promise! 

Packing for a Diana’s Baths Elopement in the Spring

  • Micro spikes – these can be easily purchased at your local LL Bean, REI, other sports store, or Amazon. THey attach to your hiking shoes and ensure any leftover ice from winter is no big deal as you walk : )
  • Hiking boots (the trail is flat, but having weatherproof shoes with traction is highly recommended)
  • Mud friendly mindset 
  • Rain jacket / umbrella (I always have extra umbrellas if needed)
  • Warm layers that align with your wedding wardrobe (think color, texture, overall aesthetic). Ideas for this might be: blazers, peacoats, fun hats/gloves, wraps, fun bomber jacket, fleece lined clothing, etc
  • If projected to be extra chilly, fleece lined leggings
  • Hand warmers
  • Marriage license (I can marry you and sign your license as I am ordained!)

Scenic Locations Near Diana’s Baths

These are some incredible spots in the area to consider incorporating into your day if you’re open to more adventure in your day

*Note: all of these location suggestions fall under the more easily accessible category. For longer hike elopements, there are plenty more suggestions and booked couples seeking this vibe will get a customized location guide 🙂

  1. Jackson Falls
  2. Cathedral Ledge
  3. Echo Lake State Park
  4. Glen Ellis Falls (and trail…so pretty and ethereal)
  5. Black Cap Mountain (about a 1.5 hour hike round trip; easy to moderate)
  6. Square Ledge (only a 1.0 mile hike, super quick, but VERY steep for the last 5 minutes of hiking, so definitely DEFINITELY bring hiking boots and have some experience with scrambling; easy hike distance wise, moderate hike skill wise)

Tips for Eloping in the White Mountains in the Spring

Diana's Baths Elopement, White Mountains New Hampshire

Simply put, packing more just in case is always a safe bet. More layers, hiking gear, rain proof gear, change of shoes / socks if you get wet, hiking poles if ice is still on trails, etc., is always something I recommend couples who elope in the Spring in this region. The great news about Spring elopements: the increased privacy, the budding greenery around you, and the spontaneity of New England weather 🙂 10/10 recommend. 

Enjoy this dreamy sunrise elopement in North Conway, NH. J and D explored:

  1. Sunrise ceremony with private vows at their hotel, The White Mountain Hotel
  2. A breakfast picnic at Echo Lake State Park
  3. A vastly green forest walk to end their romantic day at Diana’s Baths, where they soaked in the glory of the incredible falls and alone time in nature 

Happy adventuring,

Kayla | Babel Photos


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