What Are Elopements? 2022 Version.

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This incredible elopement was made possible through a stellar team of individuals, all similarly committed to creating a more LGBTQIA+ celebratory space in the wedding industry, and in Boston in particular. A city each of us loves. Team links are all at the end of this post.

I’m so happy you’re here… i feel SO passionately about this! ALL-CAPS-level passionate.

2022 is here and there is a heck of a lot of love to celebrate. We all know weddings have looked different this year just like most else…but I actually think this is a good thing. For the industry. For our hearts. And for how we view celebrating marriage.

This is a (long but IMPORTANT) blog on the magic of… elopements! I plan to to share much more info on this topic in future posts to be a resource to you. But for now, this post covers the basics!

To start, I hope this helps couples who are beginning to draw up their marriage plans. I also hope this paints a little picture of what your day could be like if you feel elopements fit your vibe.

First… what is an elopement?

This term has been tossed all over the industry for years. Many of us picture: two people, alone, taking a few pictures outside of town hall and heading home. For some, this is a dream day elopement…which is great! But, there is SO MUCH versatility in what an elopement is. Especially as the industry changes. This is where we get to dream big with no limits, people.

Elopement Location: Franklin Park, Boston MA
We LOVE hidden gems in Boston: history, intimacy, adventure, versatility. Love love love.

My definition:

An elopement is: a celebration of marriage where the core of the day is the couple, their story, and their love coming alive in its most authentic way. For my personal style, nature is a key companion in telling a couple’s story. Whether you are adventurous hikers, or your roots are by the seacoast, I think nature is so central to our souls and stories.

Essentially, elopements center around LOVE and those closest to that love. No unwanted theatrics. No traditions that don’t hold meaning to the couple. No drama or crazy timelines that reluctantly bind the couple down. It is as intimate and raw as a celebration can get. 

To be clear, this post is NOT to knock traditional weddings…I love weddings! There is NO one size fits all when celebrating your marriage. Hence why the “limitless” aspect of what YOUR elopement could be is something I care deeply about. For many, a traditional wedding doesn’t feel authentic. Your day should literally be…what you want… and your true dream lived out.

An epic ceremony walkway. A quiet moment after the ceremony. Calling their own shots with privacy and a whole lot of vendor love. This was a special day witnessing these two souls come together.

Each Elopement is different…

Each elopement is as unique as the couple. If a couple’s dream day is running around with their dog on their favorite hike, watching the sun set with their family, and enjoying their favorite gourmet meal in their family’s backyard, that is an elopement. It can also be just two people scaling their favorite 4,000 footer in the White Mountains. It can also be twenty of a couple’s most loved ones with a formal sit down dinner and dancing in the city.

It’s whatever your dream day is. Period. 

What is the value in eloping?

I think our creativity in life is so often bogged down by what we know and what has come before us. Most of us picture a 150+ guest list and a fancy reception venue as a typical wedding. For many, that is fantastic. But for many others, a dream day is: valuing experience, nature, one’s favorite activities with their loved ones, and going back to the heart of things.  

In the age of COVID, and beyond COVID, I think this outlook on celebrating a marriage is worth more than money can buy.

SO: perhaps you’re getting all giddy hearing this. Expanding the view of what your day could look like. Picturing it all captured at your own pace. Talk about value! Your story unfolding how you want, and having passionate vendors help make it come alive? YES.

Can elopements be all day?

Yes yes YES. In fact, I highly encourage you investing in yourselves- your love is worth it. This is a chance to have every moment of the start of your marriage celebrated and captured in art form…so do NOT sell this moment short for you! Want to start off the morning kayaking with your soon-to-be life partner, share a coffee at the park near your apartment, share your vows overlooking your favorite mountains, only to party it up with your closest circle and enjoy a night under the stars? That deserves documenting. Elopements are often a chance to document even more in a more free, less time-bound manner. You deserve all the time you want. Modern elopements are SO versatile!

Some questions to ask yourself if you’re getting married…

What is most important to you? To your relationship and your story together?

What do you most want to remember years from now?

What isn’t as important to you? And perhaps even a nuisance?

If you had a magic wand and could map out exactly what your celebration looked like, start to finish, what would you do? See? Hear? Eat?

Are there people you cannot picture your day without? Who are they? Or does privacy and just the two of you come to mind instead?

Final Notes (thanks for sticking with me!)

2021 marriages don’t need to be defined by limits or traditions that don’t speak to you. I think marriage celebrations can actually take flight BECAUSE of these times shaking up the conventions of the industry. 

Let’s reimagine elopements…together. I am SO excited to be a resource to you and to capture your story. I have lots more to share should you be interested. If you’re in the planning stages, I’d love to call you up and brainstorm together. My contact info is below.

Congratulations. Your love is worthy. Stay healthy, and talk soon.

Kayla | Babel Photos


Coordinators / Planners: htpp://onceuponavow.com , @onceuponavow (New York & Boston local)

Officiant: @queerofficiant (New York & Boston local)

Second Photographer: @allpicsdotco (Boston local)

Florist: @aljonescollection (…yep…AND Boston local!)

Location: Franklin Park, Boston MA

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