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New Hampshire Elopement Photographer | How to Prepare for Rain on Your wedding Day

Personally, a summer rain storm is my perfect dream weather. I love the variation of the clouds rolling in, the break in humidity, and the skies clearing afterward (often with a rainbow- I mean come on). My love for rainstorms has spread to a photographer’s view as well. I would say more often than not, there has been rain at least at SOME point of weddings and elopements I’ve photographed. After so many incredible, varied experiences with rain, I just had to post about the beautify of overcast, stormy days from a photographer’s perspective.

Every day is unique and special in its own right, and I feel so honored to have partnered with genuine, kind, nature-loving couples who are down for adventure. Although I do not have a “favorite” overall wedding and elopement day, I have to say, the overcast days are my all time favorite galleries of my work.

In this post, you will:

  1. hear my insight on the legitimate perks of rain and clouds on your special day and how it often ENHANCES your pictures
  2. some tips on preparing for rain, how to approach it, embrace it, and have FUN with this weather for your pictures.

I hope this helps those about to get married or photographer’s preparing for a wedding/elopement.

Rain and clouds can be a HUGE benefit to your elopement portraits because:

  1. Your options on where to take pictures are basically limitless. When the sky is clear and the sun is blaring, don’t get me wrong, you will get STUNNING portraits, but a photographer will have to be quite deliberate about where they place you to avoid blown out, hazy, poor quality portraits. Overcast skies, however, open things up for us on a creative level. This means those epic views, landscapes, etc., can be all around you without worrying about shadows, bright sun flare, etc.
  2. After rain clears, everything is more lush and vibrant. I mean everything: trees, grass, your outfits, become brighter, bolder, and don’t have to compete with harsh light. You will see how vibrant the below intimate wedding is and how everything POPS that much more. The bright red suit and boho-decor doesn’t hurt, either 😉
  3. Moody, emotional, bold imagery. I find as a photographer that my eye often catches on more overcast portraits because of the naturally increased “bold” aspects of how the light hits the subjects’ faces. The light that hits faces is smooth, with subtle shadows, and creates such a crisp look when approached correctly. The moodiness that comes from overcast days are so memorable to me.
  4. FUN. As you’ll see in this intimate wedding gallery, these rockstars rolled with the come-and-go sprinkles. They worked the umbrellas, embraced getting wet here and there, and had a blast. As is the case 99% of the time, the skies cleared at the PERFECT time for portraits. I cannot believe how this tends to happen almost EVERY elopement and wedding I’ve photographed.

How to approach your day if the forecast reads “rain.”

We have had a RAINY summer thus far here in New England, and it’s been my FAVORITE elopement and intimate wedding season yet. I mean this, I’m not just saying this to make people feel better if rain is on the forecast. It honestly adds dimension, some creative planning, and a more dynamic approach to your beautiful portraits.

Here are some ways to best prepare and rock a rainy forecast.

  1. Embrace the possibility that things may not go as originally planned, and leave it up to the pros. Your wedding vendors are here to help, readjust, and make the best of weather. The last thing you should worry about is logistics and corralling the team together to change plans. That is why such a strong, aligned relationship with vendors is key- they know what is important to you, know your vision, and are here to make this your dream day.
  2. Have access to indoor or overhead coverage – whether you are embracing the adventure elopement scene or are at an intimate elopement venue, such as the BEAUTIFUL Grand View Estate pictured in this gallery, nearby access to some coverage is key. We can ride out a brief storm here, or if it’s a heavier day, we can take the majority of portraits here and await the likely break in rain for the more intimate portraits. What I LOVE about Grand View Estate’s setup is there is an outdoor, covered, ceremony space, with the mountain view right behind you. Rain or freakin shine.
  3. Have backup gear. This includes umbrellas, maybe a change of shoes, small towels to pat yourself down if we get a bit wet, an emergency kit of backup hair/makeup essentials, all of which your vendor team can have handy for you. I basically live with this stuff in my back pocket, and it’s what we adventure photographers do!
  4. Consider a first look! I recommend these anyway for clients who are up for this (no judgment if not!) It maximizes picture time and literally opens up your whole evening to enjoy your guests and your time as a MARRIED duo. First looks guarantee we get all your necessary portraits so that IF the skies don’t clear, we are set. Like I said, though, usually we always find a pocket of time to sneak outside for the epic, nature-inspired portraits outside together.
  5. Go all in. Some of my favorite memories of elopements and intimate weddings are when the couple fully surrenders to the rain, getting these intimate, sexy, flirty, GORGEOUS portraits to cherish the memory of their rainy day together. You will see these below, too!

Here is an example of a rainy intimate wedding gallery.

Oakley was….over it, mid-ceremony, so decided to take a stroll. 10/10 recommend including your animal in your day. Just LOOK at him!

Considering eloping in New England? Wondering what it’s all about?

Head to my blog all about what the heck eloping is and how it is such a liberating, creative, cost effective yet quality, experience for couples!


Ready to adventure? Let’s do this!

Reach out below and we will get started: I am a partner start to finish on your journey, not just someone in the corner snapping pictures. Can’t wait to meet you 🙂



Kayla | Babel Photos

Vendor Team:

All pictures in this blog: taken and edited by me, Kayla! Owner of Babel Photos

Main Photographer: Taylor Frost Photography

Videographer: V.alencia Photography

Venue: Grand View Estate, Jaffrey NH

Wedding Planner: Weddings by Lauren

Caterer: Custom Eats & Sweets

DJ: Get Down Tonight Entertainment

Floral: Petal & Wren

Bartender: On the Rocks Bartending

Hair and Makeup: 5 Diamond Salon Inc.



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