The Best Photo Session Locations in Southern New Hampshire

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This post is all about:

The best photo session locations in southern New Hampshire that inspire me as an engagement and elopement photographer. I’ve been lucky enough to adventure with lovely couples in these trails, and I hope this short guide gives you a little inspiration to consider a photo session in the nature of Southern New Hampshire.

Southern New Hampshire Photo Session Locations:

Yes, they exist. No, you don’t need to hike to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to achieve a session of adventure, nature, intimacy, and solitude. I live in southern New Hampshire myself and I assure you, there are SO MANY hidden gems here to have your photo session location for:

  • Engagement photos
  • Maternity photos
  • Family photos
  • Elopements 
  • Intimate weddings

Where is Southern New Hampshire Compared to Other Locations? 

One of the reasons I adore photographing in southern New Hampshire so often is that it is so central to people coming from various locations. It is:

  • About 1 hour from Boston, Massachusetts
  • About 1 hour from Western New Hampshire (smaller mountains, yet beautiful and scenic views, I promise)
  • About 1.5 hours to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire
  • Under 2 hours from the White Mountains 
  • About 2 hours from Vermont
  • About 2.5 hours from the coast of Maine

See what I mean? Southern New Hampshire is HIGHLY accessible to so many people from the greater New England area. 

Beautiful Photo Session Locations in Southern New Hampshire:

#1 Wild Cat Falls, Merrimack New Hampshire

  1. Location and nearby food: click here. If you want to grab some ice cream after, you literally have to go to King Kone. I acknowledge the drama behind saying “literally.” But you’ll see what I mean. For a fun dinner/pub experience, head to Thirsty Moose. For our FAVORITE MEXICAN OUTDOOR DINING EXPERIENCE, look no further than Don Ramon’s.  All these food spots are just a few minutes away from Wild Cat Falls. 
  2. Scenery: almost 90 acres of well-kept forest trails, waterfalls, and little beach outlets (Babel and I have taken dips here with the wolfpack!) Almost 90 acres means there truly is room for all here in this special plot of land connected to the Souhegan River
  3. Accessibility: you do NOT need to be a hiker to enjoy this trail. Bring shoes with traction as there are inclined parts that are rocky, but hiking boots aren’t necessary. While some of the forested trails are largely flat, the major loop around the land has high levels of roots and various-sized rocks.
  4. Parking: there is a free parking lot that can hold around ~15 cars if I’m guessing! This land is at the end of a neighborhood so parking is ONLY permitted in the Conservation Land lot, NOT in the neighborhood (you will get ticketed)
  5. Recommendations: leave time in your session to enjoy the variability this place has to offer: the loop around the land where you experience trees, the falls, beach outlets, and more. Since this is a very popular trail, I recommend booking for a weekday or getting adventurous with an early morning / pre-sunset experience 

#2 Greeley Park, Nashua New Hampshire

  1. Location and nearby food: click here. If you go: I highly recommend a DIVINE Coffee / Breakfast Lunch place, Bonheiffer’s. If you’re feeling dinner, then California Burritos cannot be beat (take it from someone who’s Hispanic and grew up with authentic Mexican food her whole life. For the price and convenience, this place is IT). Parking and sit down space is not abundant when busy (which is usually is), so if you’re not looking for takeout and want to make a sit-down dinner (maybe with a drink?), head to their other Nashua location with ample space and a full bar: click here. Want to head to downtown Nashua on Main Street? Head to Rambling House for some farm-to-table food or Martha’s Exchange for a fun Brewery experience.
  2. Scenery: over 100 acres of paved trails with forestry arching over you, community gardens, park fields, accommodations for picnics, tennis courts, and more 
  3. Accessibility: largely flat walking- no major traction needed 🙂
  4. Parking: this is one of my FAVORITE, active, multicultural, athletic/scenic parks. For a few years, I lived down the road from here and walked these woods almost daily. I can attest that parking is ABUNDANT.
  5. Recommendations: say you want convenience of a park but enough variety to have a memorable experience, I recommend this spot. Back in my senior photo days, I utilized their community garden space (huge sunflowers!) especially in the fall and it is an absolutely gorgeous place for natural, vibrant pictures. 

#3 Woodmont Orchard, Hollis New Hampshire

  1. Location and nearby food: click here. Hollis is near and dear to me and I could write a mini book on its charm, must go-to spots, and more. For now, I suggest heading to Lull Farm for some local produce, grab-to-go meals, and a smoked Jerk chicken station outside the farm (although I’m a vegetarian and can’t attest to the flavor, I’ll say that it’s a popular sell!) For ice cream, head right next door to Brookdale Farms (I CAN attest to the lovely ice cream, picnic benches with a scenic environment, and friendly staff (as well as great indoor products and selections). And birds. In the back where a unique section of gits/healthy products are. They are adorable. 
  2. Scenery: I am obsessed with this place which has become an oasis for me and my wolf pack 🙂 Apple orchards, corn fields, WIDE open fields (I’m writing this in the summer and the wildflowers are leaving me so grateful to live near here), a short walk to Silver Lake State Park (you can access it from a pretty easy walking trail which takes about 15 minutes 
  3. Accessibility: the only reason I recommend some sturdy shoes is because of the taller grasses, the farming landscape (mud, crops, etc.), and the likelihood that your feet may get a bit dirty otherwise 🙂 could you walk this place barefoot if that was your vibe? Absolutely. No traction needed.
  4. Parking: right when you see the big red barn at the entrance, there is a lot that holds a good 10 cars. 
  5. Recommendations: walk the whole loop, which takes about an hour. You will see it all: crops, tall grasses, wildflowers, pumpkin patches, rolling hills in the back, and Silver Lake State Park. This is truly one of my favorite locations in southern New Hampshire  to take a restorative walk and to take family session photos. 

#4 Benson Park, Hudson New Hampshire

  1. Location and nearby food: between Nashua, NH and Salem, NH,  click here. I would frequent Wally’s Pizza basically weekly when I first moved to southern NH and their custom pizzas, quick and reliable service, and FLAVOR are why I recommend you go to them 🙂 plus, it’s on the way and convenient!
  2. Scenery: at over 150 acres, this (used-to-be animal exhibit and family attraction center) is LARGE with: quiet walking trails, marshes and ponds, a giant pond at the center of the park, playground, dog park, and some REAL hidden gem paths, it has something for everyone. It is a very popular location for photo sessions, so I recommend being up for heading to some of the quiet paths. However, since it’s so large, there’s room for everyone.
  3. Accessibility: just basic shoes needed! EVERYTHING is flat and well maintained. If you’re opting out of the paved paths, be prepared for some muddy shoes if it’s wet. And definitely bring bug spray. If you’re staying in the main, open part of the park, no spray/mud to worry about. 
  4. Parking: You will 100% be able to find parking no matter what given the size of the lot, unless it is an unexplainable sort of day, then I apologize. 
  5. Recommendations: park near the dog park, and experience the little field right there which photographs beautifully. If you’re facing the field, take a right and explore some of the quieter/hidden paths. The trees arch beautifully, creating a romantic/sweet photo experience. 

#5 Beaver Brook Association, Hollis New Hampshire 

  1. Location and nearby food: click here to head to their site as there are multiple sections, parking lots, and specific areas to choose when you’re planning your photo session. My favorite spot to frequent is the pond and trailhead which is down the road from the main entrance / visitor center. If you want to make a special date night, head to Fulchino Vineyard. Having been there for intimate weddings, I can attest to the beauty and professionalism of their craft. It sort of feels like you’re transported to Europe in rural New Hampshire (or as close to it as possible). The family who owns this land and business is passionate about their culture and creating a truly intimate, cultural, memorable experience. 
  2. Scenery: marsh lands, fields with wildflowers, wooded trails, ponds, BEAVERS 🙂 The main visitor center also has great learning signs and experiences for children to be engaged (a garden, exciting stations, and a yurt they can check out). 
  3. Accessibility: aside from bug spray and embracing the natural ground, no need to be an experienced hiker. I do recommend moderate to high traction shoes. 
  4. Parking: all lots, regardless of where you go, are
  5. Recommendations: honestly, check out their website to see all they offer and what scenery/experience feels most authentic to you!

#6 South Uncanoonuc Mountain and Lake, Goffstown New Hampshire 

  1. Location and nearby food: click here to see its location. I suggest two options;
    1. Park at the top of the WMUR  transit tower and walk right to the summit if you don’t want to do the 2.5 mile out-and-back, moderate hike (with a steep initial incline)
    2. Do the hike and start at the bottom parking lot where the lake is 🙂 if going this route, park here. 
    3. There are a few beautiful and more hidden detours on this hike that can lengthen your outing. Babel and I love them 🙂 
  2. Scenery: forested trails, some lush side trails, and the summit where you can see an outlook with southern New Hampshire in the distance 🙂 although not the type of view you’d get at the White Mountains, pictures don’t do this gorgeous and relaxing hike justice. Plus, the lake at the bottom is perfect for taking a dip and making a date night out of it. 
  3. Accessibility: a moderate height with a humbling first ~.5 miles or so. A steeper incline with some rocky parts. Bring hiking shoes 🙂 
  4. Parking: either park at the top of the summit or at the lake link mentioned above 🙂 a decent sized lot, but it fills up at peak points of day 
  5. Recommendations: definitely utilize the lake 😉 you won’t regret it.

Happy adventuring 🙂

Kayla | Babel Photos


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