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In this post, you will learn about this MIRACULOUSLY beautiful Mt Moosilauke, NH Sunrise Proposal. You’ll also see:

  1. how J and I planned the sunrise proposal of his dreams, on one of New Hampshire’s most breathtaking White Mountain summits
  2. our Mt. Moosilauke sunrise proposal experience together
  3. planning tips for anyone (photographer, adventurer, otherwise) planning a sunrise hike AND a sunrise proposal. Especially on a 4,000 footer in the wee hours of the morning ๐Ÿ™‚

Sunrise Proposal Planning: how I approached this Mt. Moosilauke Sunrise Proposal

J reached out to me and sweetly described his vision: a natural, intimate, authentic storytelling of he and S’s time together doing what they love: hiking outdoors together. The goal was to capture the essence of the White Mountains in the fall, and BOY he had me at that. Adventure elopement photography is truly a passion ignited when people of similar appreciation want to kickstart their marriage story atop one of these wondrous mountains. I was IN. From there, the planning began.

I prefer to approach adventure photography planning the following ways. Hopefully you can find some value in this, get the creative juices, and go from there! Please note: this is just MY adventure photography planning approach, and others differ…that’s the beauty of elopement photography as an art form!

My adventure photography (aka proposals) planning approach:

  1. get on a quick call together– not only does this “introduce” us, but it also helps ease any stress in the planning process, and lets you know that I am here as your planning partner through the whole process. We go over your proposal vision, any questions you have, and from there I tailor ALL my guides to you.

  1. once we book our date, I give you my all– J and I started narrowing our ideas down to the summits he was considering. I sent my location guides of tried and true New Hampshire summits I adore, especially for private photography, and he researched some that he was considering. After getting organized on what would be best for the fall, we settled on Mt. Moosilauke. And I am SO grateful we did. This summit is a true gift from Mother Nature. See for yourself.
  2. i send a hiking, packing, and wardrobe guide– safety, nature conservation, and a STRESS FREE sunrise morning are what I want for you. J and I corresponded about 1) projected weather, 2) appropriate packing, and most importantly, c) the safest and most accurate time estimate of the trails we would be trekking. This takes lots of careful reading, research, and weather pros out there making the hiking experience as safe as possible. If you are planning a sunrise hike, let alone a chilly sunrise PROPOSAL hike, PLEASE make sure thorough research and planning are prioritized! Safety is a must ๐Ÿ™‚ For wardrobe, J and S were going the casual route and I loved it. I also offer packing guide to those looking to bring their fancy fancies up on the mountain (think, how to fold, decrease wrinkles, and pack any other accessories).
  3. continued communication leading up to the sunrise proposal– J and I messaged continuously to work out any changes, nail down exactly how we’d “find” one another atop the summit, where J should stand/sit during the proposal, and where he would expect me to be. This way, the morning of, he could focus on the present moment.
  4. extra goodies in my hiking photography bag– since this sunrise proposal was late fall, at ~6:30AM in the morning, I made sure to bring a) extra layers for my clients, b) hand warmers, c) snacks, d) water, and anything else specific to the session. In this case, J and S are avid hikers and were READY to roll. IN fact, they spent the night camping nearby near at a campground near the summit. I freaking loved their adventure they added to this forever memory.

An example of a sunrise proposal timeline in the White Mountains during late fall.

Part of my hiking photography guides include sending a comprehensive timeline so you literally don’t need to think, but rather just BE, during your sunrise proposal. This is an example of a timeline for a ~5 hour hike like Mt. Moosilauke.

  1. 3:30 AM start hiking. We agreed on our trails before hand. We hiked separately, obviously, but we knew where the other was.
  2. 6:00 AM I summited. I wanted to get there in plenty of time to scope out the summit, get my gear ready, and be on the lookout. Of course, I followed the buddy system and had my partner and Babel join me ๐Ÿ™‚ it was pitch black, terrifying, windy as all heck (Moosilauke has NO trees at the top and quite literally translates from the Abenaki language to “bald face.”), but worth every second. I was so glad to not be alone, though, let’s just say that.
  3. 6:30AM (ish): J and S sat down after their summit and took in the changing sky together. Sunrise sessions are jaw-dropping particularly because the colors of the sky change quite literally each minute, going from DEEP hues to these wildly bright, vibrant, and almost fake light colors. You shall see at the end of this post ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. 6:45 AM: sunrise, and proposal time. The BEAMING orange sun was behind J an S. I love how they strayed from tradition, and J did not kneel down. Instead, they both had rings for the other, embraced, and took in the morning together. Completely alone.
  5. 7:45 AM: We took beautifully natural images to commemorate their time and this point in their lives. About an hour later, we headed our separate ways.

Planning a Mt. Moosilauke sunrise proposal or hike? Here are some links I used.

  1. AllTrails: plan your route, time, read reviews from pros of what to expect, cross reference with other research, and make the best choice for you. You can also download your route on your phone beforehand for peace of mind (helps not get lost, track your times, and acts as a peaceful guide if you are trekking for the first time up a new mountain).
  2. Mountain-Forecast: be freaking prepared. Weather changes constantly. Thank you to those dedicated to safety and conservation of the beautiful White Mountains!!! Lots more amazing companies out there making a difference.

Ready for your sunrise proposal, elopement, or adventure session? Let’s get started.

I can’t freaking WAIT. Babel and I will see you soon.

Here is their day. I hope it brings some inspiration to embark on a sunrise summit here in the White Mountains.


and for one of my favorites: their musical slideshow. it tells stories with that much more emotion. ENJOY.

This song was requested by them as it is near and dear to them. And now it’s a song dear to me.

Your New England Adventure Elopement Friend,

Kayla | Babel Photos

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