Intimate Weddings vs. Elopements

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In this post, you will learn:

  1. about intimate weddings vs. elopements: my personal definition of intimate weddings, elopements, and their differences 
  2. Tips on how to choose what type of marriage ceremony is most authentic to you
  3. A STUNNING gallery of one of my favorite backyard intimate weddings EVER


What is an Intimate Wedding?

Simply put, I define intimate weddings (some call these micro-weddings) as: a marriage celebration with your loved ones that centers around intimacy & quality time. Over the years, I have found that the “energy” of a weddings shifts at around 80 people. When there are more than this, the emphasis tends to be on more traditional activities, logistics, and quite literally accommodating a large guest count (space, meals, the time it takes to shift from one part of the night to the next). With 80 people or fewer, however, there is a greater ease in planning creatively. So, when you think of “intimate weddings vs. elopements” think: the vibe, size, and flow of the day.


What is an elopement?

You will see my definition of elopement splashed ALLLL over my website, social media, and basically my forehead. I am passionate about what elopements provide people: a sense of authentic celebration, prioritizing quality time over tradition, and embracing one’s favorite activities together. To me, elopements are about connection: to each other, oneself, the nature around you, and the present moment. The options for elopements are LIMITLESS and each one is so unique. I have found that this freedom in your day and emphasis on YOU two is optimal with 20 people or less. 


In a nutshell, my definition of elopements are: a celebration of love that centers around the couple, their story, and their priorities: epic hike, candlelit dinner with family, kayaking trip, a week-long escape to a lake house, a Boston rooftop, an/or  everything in between. 


To learn more about why I am passionate about documenting intimate love stories, check out my blog on elopements and why I love them so 🙂 


Intimate Weddings vs. Elopements: how to choose if you should have an intimate wedding or an elopement?

It’s quite simple: close your eyes (metaphorically or literally lol), and ask yourself: if I could magically have our marriage celebration look any way I want, 

  1. what would we do? 
  2. Where would we be? 
  3. Who would be with us for it to feel truly complete? 
  4. What do we NOT care about?

Then, dive into that feeling. 


If you are in the beginning stages of deciding if you should:

  1. Have a traditional wedding
  2. Have an intimate wedding
  3. Or elope,

that is what I am here for 🙂 During our consultation call, I dive into what feels most true to you and I help you navigate the best route for you. 


For some inspiration on what your intimate wedding or elopement could look like, my website is a great starting place!  


An Intimate Wedding Gallery: Jennie & Harry

As most of my website displays elopement examples, I thought I would give some love to the “intimate wedding world” which is SO beautiful in its own right. This summer backyard intimate wedding took place in Jennie’s childhood home and I cannot express to you the magic of their day:


Party atmosphere

Quality time with friends and family 

Low key, no major agenda 


Like many, Jennie and Harry married in the peak of Covid and did so outside with very few loved ones around them (IT WAS INCREDIBLE, mind you). To embrace more of their family and friends, they decided to have a backyard BASH the following summer and dance their faces off. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND following their intimate wedding concept because it was just pure joy, intimate, and nostalgic. 


Feast your eyes on these beauties, and I hope it brings you joy & inspiration as you plan your marriage celebration.

Ready to get married and embrace the nontraditional & adventurous side of you? Let’s do this! Contact me here and we’ll get started. 

(if you are as obsessed with them as I am, here is their music slideshow, too. These come with all my elopement/intimate wedding packages and are game changing). 

















Photography: me, Kayla 🙂 (Babel Photos)

Venue: Jennie’s Childhood home 🙂

Catering: B& M Catering (Rhode Island) (delish)

Flowers: arranged by Jennie & her angel mamma bear

Dress: Mikaella Bridal 




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