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This post is to help those planning their intimate wedding experience. You will read my perspective as an elopement photographer on:

  1. How to approach your brainstorming. You may know you want to get married in the White Mountains, know that you want that INTIMATE venue feeling, and then you may feel stuck. I’m here for ya
  2. Personal recommendations from my clients, fellow industry pals, and/or my experience
  3. Links to local New Hampshire Intimate Wedding Venues / Reception spaces

How to Start Searching for Venue/Reception Spaces in the White Mountains

When first researching what wedding/elopement celebration space is best for you, I HIGHLY recommend spreading planning conversations over small, relaxing chunks of time. OR, making a fun night out of it together. This can be fun, I promise. Consider:

  1. Have you confirmed the date you’re marrying? This is the major blueprint to plan your other vendors (photographer, venue, food, etc) around πŸ™‚ Start with this!
  2. How many people we want to join us for our reception? When we think of a celebration, who HAS to be there?
  3. Given the size of our guest list, when would we want to celebrate with our loved ones? Before we get married (like a pre-elopement or adventure celebration), immediately after our vows, or after our private ceremony experience? Maybe you’d like it spread out over a weekend where there is a balance between loved ones and private elopement adventure. There are literally no rules here.
  4. What is our budget for our reception or venue space?
  5. How far are we willing to drive from our lodging to venue space? Do we want one local spot where everyone lodges, dines, and has almost a “hub” for the whole weekend? If so, maybe we want to explore estates, inns, resorts, etc.
  6. Fore more details: my booked clients receive my 80+ page elopement guide where they receive intuitive, fool proof guidance on how to approach the “reception” part of their wedding/elopement planning

Intimate Reception Ideas

Okay, so you’ve started your brainstorming, and you’re ready to research/start contacting people. Here are the main categories of intimate reception spaces I’ve found most common for couples looking for an intimate wedding or elopement experience.

  1. an Inn or hotel: maybe it’s a small, cozy White Mountain inn with intimate dining, a small garden, fire pits, and an intimate feeling. Maybe it’s a bit grander in the hub of town: shopping, activities, etc., all being nearby. Regardless, an Inn can be a LOVELY, inclusive, accessible reception experience
  2. an Airbnb, VRBO, or private lodging experience: many don’t think of this as a reception space option, but it really is! While checking with hosts about your projected guest size and vision is important, intimate reception spaces at a beautiful, private, scenic Airbnb/home/treehouse/etc., can be a unique and stunning experience. Plus, White Mountains houses for rent can be as scenic and epic as you can imagine! This is a FUN part of researching
  3. a resort: want you and your family to have full dining access, activities like a gym, tennis, swimming pool, etc., with that “all encompassing” feeling? There are so many White Mountains resorts!
  4. a winery: yes, we have wineries in the White Mountains πŸ™‚
  5. a farm or private estate
  6. a restaurant: if you’re feeling a more laid back, casual experience, consider booking a private room in a restaurant here in the White Mountains
  7. want something completely out of the box? Consider hiring an event planner! While I collaborate with couples on their elopement experience and help co-envision what their day could look like, I am not an event planner. There are some WILDLY experienced and talented wedding and elopement planners here in New Hampshire πŸ™‚ all my recommendations for this, and the above items, will be later in this blog

White Mountains, New Hampshire, Intimate Venue Recommendations

(These are just a few to really paint a picture of possibilities! Hopefully this helps get the creative juices flowing πŸ™‚ these are all non-affiliated, non-sponsored recommendations/links. These are just places either I or reputable clients/sources have personally enjoyed!)

Inn/Hotel: The White Mountain Hotel

I. LOVE. THIS. PLACE. Direct mountain views, delicious dining, gazebo, field access, nearby to countless nature and dining experiences, and perfect for families. Say no more.

Click here to view the White Mountain Hotel.

The White Mountain Hotel is to the bottom left of this picture πŸ™‚ You can see Cathedral Ledge from outside your room, that’s how scenic the area is.

Airbnb, VRBO, or other private lodge: Alpine Garden Glamping

Treehouses, luxury camping huts/homes/experiences, directly in the woods of the White Mountains. Access to countless activities. Literally, GO HERE AND BOOK NOW. I’m serious.

Click here to view the Alpine Garden Glamping experience.

Resort: Owl’s Nest Resort and Spa

Confession: this place is dear to my heart. I grew up visiting this region every weekend with my family for two decades, where we’d ski, hike, kayak, boat, swim, you name it. This resort continues to be a refuge for my family and I and many other happy adventurers.

Activities/features: golf, spa, tennis, delicious food, dog-friendly (!), massive housing accommodations and options, super clean and picturesque, mountain views, and a wedding venue if a larger guest count is your vibe!

Click here to view Owl’s Nest Resort.

Did I mention how gorgeous the land at Owl’s Nest Resort is? ^^^

Winery: Alpine Garden Winery

Yes, the Alpine Garden team also has a nearby winery (so close to countless lodging experiences, including the White Mountain Hotel!) I love love love this team.

Live music, dining space, lush greenery, a devoted team, and of course local wine.

Enjoy these images below of a couple who eloped in nature and celebrated at this winery over a private sunset experience.

Click here to view Alpine Garden Winery.


Hiring a White Mountains, NH Event Planner

Check this amazing team out: Willow Tree Events. There are so many talented vendors that are here to help plan your marriage celebration experience.

Happy adventuring πŸ™‚

Kayla | Babel Photos

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