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In this post, you will:

  1. read why I HIGHLY recommend you elope in New England in the winter (if it’s your vibe! this is a non-pressure space).
  2. read tips on eloping in New England in the winter
  3. see the STUNNING magic of Bridget and Malcolm (and Babel…of course!) on this FRIGID, joyful Boston day

The benefits of eloping in the winter in New England:

  1. your favorite, epic, locations are practically YOURS. The crowds, tourism, traffic, booked lodging, and higher venue/vendor costs, are planning elements you don’t need to worry about! If you’re up for the extra layers, you can elope in a beautiful location and have the freedom of privacy
  2. unique, crisp, clean light. Especially in New England, the snow acts as a reflector for you and your partner, illuminating you in VERY flattering light. Additionally, the sun and sky in the winter here are known to be crisp, cool, colors, which create a natural and vibrant glow wherever you choose to elope
  3. cost effective. Whether your elopement is simple with just the two of you and your favorite meal/hike, or if you’re spending the week at an airbnb with your closest loved ones, typically the winter is a much more cost effective period to book all the necessary activities/places/etc., for your elopement.
  4. more elopement vendor booking options. The winter is often the best time to book your DREAM elopement vendors, and you avoid the typical New England fall rush to beat other couples to VERY popular dates. Have photographers, videographers, and more, that you KNOW you want? Winter books are often much more open (and sometimes discounted).

Tips on eloping in New England in the Winter:

  1. hire an adventure elopement photographer– we specialize in taking the work out for our clients: a) location scouting, b) wardrobe recommendation guide for the elements, c) packing lists, d) extra gear (both safety and otherwise) prepared, and creating a day that is a joyful memory for you, NOT just an event where pictures are snapped.
  2. ask yourselves what you WANT– do you envision a hike where more layers and planning are needed? Or do you want a gentle stroll with snow around you, and then cozy up? Deciding what feels RIGHT for you helps nail down the right location and timeline for your day…all of which your adventure elopement photographer helps plan with you! We are partners in the journey, not just photographers.
  3. more is more– in this case, packing ANY AND EVERY thing you may even THINK you want, is huge. We can leave any extras in the car, in my hiking bag, or with a loved one….but better safe than sorry for sure applies here….especially with layers!
  4. plan breaks– you will see in Bridget and Malcolm’s gallery a beautiful variation of scenery and photography…and we took PLENTY of breaks during each transition. We had hot tea, hand warmers, extra layers, etc., all on the ready.
  5. keep moving– the more you move, the warmer you get, and the more authentic/natural your images are! Bridget and Malcolm were rock stars and kept grooving the whole time…so the laughter you see here is real!
  6. have a plan B for weather– this is New England, and plans change….daily based on weather. But we wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂



I have so many more fun elopement planning tips for you…..I am truly a passionate partner-turned-friend…as is Babel. She literally joins me any chance couples want. So there’s that.



Bridget and Malcom’s Boston Seacoast Elopement Day

I love these two so much. Truly, EACH smile is them genuinely laughing at the other. That’s basically all you need to know. And you should know how blessed Babel and I feel to be able to share in such joy with two people who complement the other so naturally. Thank you for your love, you two. Capturing these memories in the coast of Boston, a place dear to me, was a damn dream. ENJOY THIS HAPPY GALLERY.

Babel led the way, of course!


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