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Of New England.

I promise you: you'll be so happy you chose to listen to that inner voice. This page acts as the beginning of your navigation guide.

Where to Elope 
in New England

Ah, New England.

to value a wedding or elopement adventure that is true to your hearts. And that deserves celebrating in a place you feel most alive.

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You Started Your Location Planning...

It may feel liberating AND a bit overwhelming in knowing you want to elope SOMEWHERE in New England, but have no idea how to decide on where. Totally get it, and this page is meant to be your pal in deciding that crucial elopement question of “where.”

Luckily, the options are only wins, so you are in GREAT SHAPE. 

Here’s a brief summary of the different options in New England to consider for your elopement. These are overviews of LOTS of options to help get the inspiration going. Clients and I work together to nail down “the” spot through my system of location scouting, regional knowledge, and client understanding of their priorities. 

The end result? A place that reflects the spirit of your love.

Where to Elope in New England:
by State

Where- as you may know if you’ve been on this journey with me, I specialize in New Hampshire elopements and partner with couples to craft their ideal outdoor experience in this region, particularly the White Mountains. With that, I serve and LOVE all of New Hampshire and cannot express enough the abundant diversity in options for couples looking to elope here :) Here’s my list to help get you started, and there is more where this came from. Booked couples and I work together from the start of their planning experience to find a location that is truly “them.” 

If you want the beauty of New Hampshire’s mountains, lakes, and forests, but without a full day hike, then the Lakes Region may be fore you :) PLENTY of nearby boating, restaurant, lodging, and activity variety here

If you’ve been on my page before, you may know I specialize in White Mountains region elopements and that they…well…are shamelessly my favorite :) Whether you decide on:
- Pinkham Notch region
- Crawford Notch region
- Waterville Valley region (the southern tip of the White Mountain National Forest Region) 
- A drive up to Mount Washington
- Or something completely “you,” I can assure you this region of New Hampshire

A hidden gem in New Hampshire (and other parts of New England) are our State Park forests, as these places are pristine, preserved by dedicated staff, and very straight forward to elope in. This is one of my favorite suggestions for couples looking to elope in New England with a more moody, lush, non-hiking vibe. Plus, if you’re considering an all-day elopement experience, you can easily pair forest vibes with your other activities for the day 

I myself live in rural New Hampshire where I can say with confidence that the farm land beauty does not disappoint

One of my favorite things about guiding couples in their New Hampshire elopement planning is that they can combine scenic, intimate, comfortable, luxurious, adventurous, experiences, and find something that fits their priorities. 

- No witnesses needed
- For more information, check out my blog on “How to Elope in New Hampshire”

New Hampshire

Where: growing up here until I was 18 years old, I can say with confidence there is an abundance of oceanside, forested, secluded, entertaining, options for any couple looking for an outdoor marriage celebration. This is my 3rd most popular state in New England I photograph elopements in.

#1 SOUTH COAST (where I was born and raised until I moved to New Hampshire!)- less tourist-attracting than the beaches of Cape Cod, South Coast Massachusetts has beautiful, quaint beaches, boating, farmland, and more. Particularly, South Dartmouth is a stone’s throw from where I grew up and I highly recommend checking it out

#2 BOSTON - for an elevated, exciting, and heck even waterfront experience, Boston has you covered!

#3 BERKSHIRES - for that rural, secluded, mountain feel, this part of Massachusetts is probably as close as you'll get to that more conventional mountainous, New Hampshire-like feel. A great option for those looking for a hike/mountain vibe without traveling further north.

#4 WINERIES - each time I photograph a Massachusetts marriage celebration at a winery, I am reminded of how these really are hidden gems in this region. These are tucked in quieter regions but also in more urban spots like Haverhill, so definitely worth checking out if you're considering this feel.

#5 CAPE COD - a fan favorite for a waterfront marriage celebration in Massachusetts, and for good reason. Countless beaches, marshes, and smaller / more private beach options for those who feel drawn to the coast.  

- No witnesses needed
- For more information, check out my blog on “How to Elope in Massachusetts”


Rhode Island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in New England without the major influx of tourist, so it's definitely a place to consider for that coast vibe! 

Even if you're not sold on the beaches of Newport for your elopement or wedding experience, I highly recommend visiting these beaches and downtown, historical attractions as it is a favorite in New England. Think: beaches, shops, delicious eateries, historical college towns, without the same level of tourism as say the Cape.
If you are thinking of eloping along the beaches or parks of Rhode Island, we will work together with my location scouting process and customize your location experience to find a spot that checks all your boxes :) 

If you're looking for more of a city feel for your elopement or wedding, I FREAKING LOVE Providence. A diverse, art and food-centered, historical, yet cozier city, Providence is a must-consider for those who may want to stray away from a rural experience. Plenty of restaurants and unique city activities to enhance your special celebration. 

Rhode Island

Vermont is often considered a hidden gem in New England, and this continues to baffle me because it is some of the most stunning, preserved, lush, QUIET, range of terrain in New England. If you are looking for an abundance of nature without the same crowds you may see at the most popular New England nature attractions, I'd highly recommend considering Vermont :)

The beauty of Burlington lies in its vibrant culture, diversity, proximity to nature, and unique + cozy ways to celebrate your marriage experience. From breweries, galleries, market places, nearby lake and nature attractions, Burlington is bursting with a myriad of experiences that could turn a simple elopement into an enhanced, one-of-a-kind memory,

After years of visiting and photographing here, the first thing my mind goes to when I envision Vermont is the rolling, animal-accompanied, quiet hills and farms. Vermont relies heavily on farming as a main source of income and it is a huge cultural heart stone here. It is also a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your elopement: at a farm venue, at a local airbnb overlooking farmland, or some other experience, you will fall in love with the charm of Vermont farms. 

Yes, there are scenic and epic mountain experiences for those looking for a Vermont mountain elopement! Based on hiking length and view preferences, we will connect on finding a spot that fits your vision. 

Check out Stowe in all seasons: hikes, trails, skiing/snowboarding, cross country skiing, cute lodging, food, you name it

(cough cough perhaps Lake Willoughby): a favorite area of mine :) plus, some great hiking options. Lake Champlain is also a huge/popular/fun option.

Whether you choose Smuggler’s Notch State Park or otherwise, Vermont’s pristine greenery mixed with some adventure and incline could be a visionary scene for your intimate celebration. I adore it here.

- No witnesses needed :) 
- For easy marriage requirement information, click this link


You’ve read through blogs, websites, articles, magazines, instagram, pinterest, and really don’t know how to go about deciding on “where” to elope. I totally get the overwhelm and aim to support clients in feeling SEEN, heard, and supported through this process. The start of planning can be centered around you reflecting on what experience feels most TRUE to you, and if you're stuck...that's what I'm here for. An open mind is a perfect starting point because, well, there are NO rules here...only possibilities for you.

SO: how to Decide Where to Elope in New England?

How to approach your planning...

Here is our flow as partners, and yes it's this easy :)

  1. Clients receive my comprehensive elopement planning guide which walks through a whole mindset and logistical process on how to approach the beginning part of elopement location planning
  2. I send a location questionnaire 
  3. I research and curate a customized elopement location list
  4. We talk through which locations feel most true to the couple (this can include multiple locations!)
  5. We decide on a location and the epic planning begins, again, as partners 

Your story + my guidance = your unique outdoor experience  

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